‘A major contribution to Black history’

Shortlisted: Biographers’ Club Tony Lothian Prize

‘The Life of Louise Norton Little’ is the only family authorized biography about Louise Little, mother of eight children, including Malcolm X.

Understanding Louise’s Life

A victim of systemic racial injustice, Louise was wrongly committed to Kalamazoo State Hospital after the birth of her eighth baby. She would be kept there against her will and that of her family, for a quarter of a century.

With exclusive access to family records and support from Louise’s eldest daughter Hilda Little and nephew Steve Jones Sr., this book sheds new light on Louise’s incredible life. It highlights her early life in Grenada and her married life with Earl Little.

As the world faced the Great Depression, newly widowed Louise battled to maintain her independence and self-determination in racially segregated America.

The book stands as a testament to Louise’s endurance and determination, values that shaped her life and that of all her children.

What readers say about ‘The Life of Louise Norton Little’

‘Written with passion and immediacy’

‘Impeccable and fascinating… this beautiful sister’s life is heartfelt, inspiring, aiding one to a deeper comprehension’

‘Awesome… Very deep and insightful! The first and only book to really go deep into the life and background of Malcolm X’s mother’

The book was written because Hilda Little, Louise’s eldest daughter wanted her mother’s story told more fully. Thanks to the efforts of Louise’s descendants and other scholars, that wish and hope have now come to fruition.

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